The projects may be cloned read-only using

$ git clone git:// [ target ]

For write-access you need to apply for an account on this server at You need to include your public SSH key in you application. With a developer account you may than access the repository using

$ git clone [ target ]
Project Description Owner Last Change
audiocontrol.git Python based guitar audio... g0dil 15 years ago
emacs-egrep.git Extended pure-emacs grep g0dil 12 years ago
emacs-init.git Emacs initialization / configu... g0dil 3 years ago
emacsstuff.git Emacs libraries, mainly cc-ide g0dil 6 years ago
gitdeb.git Makefile for simple git/debian... g0dil 13 years ago
java-junit.git Git repo for JUnit testing... g0dil 13 years ago
java-logging.git Git repo for Apache commons... g0dil 13 years ago
java-spring.git Git repo for Java-Spring binaries g0dil 13 years ago
jpim.git Java PIM sync server g0dil 13 years ago
kwingrid.git KDE Window Keyboard based... g0dil 12 years ago
mapsector.git Map sector to file name g0dil 13 years ago
mediaserv.git HTTP/TCP streaming media server g0dil 17 years ago
pykit.git Local WebKit Browser with... g0dil 11 years ago
python-cgrep.git C/C++ syntax aware grep g0dil 12 years ago
qtscons.git SCons Tool for Qt4 g0dil 13 years ago
senf.git SENF git-svn repository g0dil 12 years ago
udpcat.git Very simple udp->stdout helper g0dil 14 years ago
udpforward.git UDP forwarding with dynaddr... g0dil 15 years ago
zope-bootstrap.git Skeleton for new Plone projects g0dil 13 years ago