The projects may be cloned read-only using

$ git clone git:// [ target ]

For write-access you need to apply for an account on this server at You need to include your public SSH key in you application. With a developer account you may than access the repository using

$ git clone [ target ]
Project Description Owner Last Change
audiocontrol.git Python based guitar audio... g0dil 12 years ago
emacs-egrep.git Extended pure-emacs grep g0dil 9 years ago
emacs-init.git Emacs initialization / configu... g0dil 10 months ago
emacsstuff.git Emacs libraries, mainly cc-ide g0dil 3 years ago
gitdeb.git Makefile for simple git/debian... g0dil 10 years ago
java-junit.git Git repo for JUnit testing... g0dil 10 years ago
java-logging.git Git repo for Apache commons... g0dil 10 years ago
java-spring.git Git repo for Java-Spring binaries g0dil 10 years ago
jpim.git Java PIM sync server g0dil 10 years ago
kwingrid.git KDE Window Keyboard based... g0dil 9 years ago
mapsector.git Map sector to file name g0dil 10 years ago
mediaserv.git HTTP/TCP streaming media server g0dil 14 years ago
pykit.git Local WebKit Browser with... g0dil 8 years ago
python-cgrep.git C/C++ syntax aware grep g0dil 9 years ago
qtscons.git SCons Tool for Qt4 g0dil 10 years ago
senf.git SENF git-svn repository g0dil 9 years ago
udpcat.git Very simple udp->stdout helper g0dil 11 years ago
udpforward.git UDP forwarding with dynaddr... g0dil 12 years ago
zope-bootstrap.git Skeleton for new Plone projects g0dil 10 years ago